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To save your time, we provided answers for your questions
How does Splashup work?

Splashup enables brands and retailers to collaborate by cross-promote brands across a network of complementary brands. Splashup operates as a network of brands that work together to learn more about their customers, increase merchandising distribution, and lower customer acquisition costs.

Why should I use Splashup?
How do I get started on Shopify?
Can I talk to you guys before signing up?

For sure! To schedule a chat or a demo, click here and follow this link to find a time that suits you.

How does Splashup help me?

Splashup helps you:

  • Lower your CAC and CPA
  • Target profitable new customers and expand your customer base. Gain a sale, a following or lead or increase brand awareness!
  • Get paid from the confirmation page. Your confirmation page is real estate that can be used to drive additional revenue.
  • Offer products likely to sell Delight your customers and show relevancy
How do I get started?
  1. Tell us about your brand audience
  2. Customise product placement
  3. Select brand to partner with
  4. Add a script on post-checkout page to embed tracking and the widget
On what basis are brands paired?

Brands are paired on the basis of four pillars

  1. Similar target audience demographic
  2. Complementarity or polarity of brands
  3. Brand values
  4. Brand positioning in the market
What reporting do I have visible?

We summarise the performance of how many clicks and orders we are driving each month, send you a report and pay you/charge you accordingly.

How do I get charged?

Splashup is absolutely Free to set up. That’s right! You only get charged on the basis of Cost per Click and Cost per Performance.

What industries do you cater for?

Splashup is not specific to one specific industry! We currently cater for the Apparel & Clothing, Furniture, Beauty industries. We are constantly working on improving and expanding our reach, just get in touch with our team and tell us more about you!

What will Splashup allow me to do?

Billions of advertising dollars by retailers, neglecting a large proportion of users that drop off between consideration and purchase all for a slim 3% chance of a conversion. Ultimately, poorly guided & untailored consumer shopping journeys are the leading cause of high bounce rates, low engagement, and low conversion rates.

How long does it take to set up my store?

Splashup typically only takes less than 2 days to set up your store.

However, the time to integrate depends on the level of customisation in app design, integrations and email design you require.