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We'll waive the first 3 months membership, enabling you to get a feel for the platform and let our algorithm do its thing.

We’re excited to partner with Splashup to engage new customers based on their lifestyle profiles and be seen alongside brands with complimentary values. Thank you for helping A Glass Of grow.

James Student
Co-founder A Glass of

Enabling growth for brands like

By leveraging our extensive network of likeminded brands, your brand can grow better, and faster.


To save your time, we provided answers for your questions
How does Splashup work?

Splashup works as a network of brands and retailers that come together to cross promote their products post checkout with complementary brands. We do this buy enabling as simple widget that recommends your products to relevant customers who just finished purchasing and who are in the buying mindset.

How does Splashup match me?

Splashup makes sure to match with brands that are complementary non-compete to you, have a shared target audience, match your brand values and vibe.

How long will it take to add Splashup?

It’s super easy to get started and takes less than 20 minutes of efforts from you all up. Fill out your brand profile, and add a short code snippet that is all.

How much does Splashup cost?

Splashup works on a Pay Per Click and Pay per Conversion basis.

Who is Splashup for?

Splashup is for any brand or retailer that sells to consumers. We will be looking at expanding to providers outside of retail soon.

Can I customise Splashup to my branding?

Splashup allows all e-commerce stores to customise your font, colours, and icons.

How does Splashup send communication to my customers?

Splashup sends emails automatically through our own email provider. We also provide our customers with the option to send emails via Klaviyo where you can design your own emails and preserve your own branding.

Can Splashup work on my online store?

At the moment, Splashup works with Shopify and Shopify Plus stores. If your store runs on Salesforce, Big Commerce or privately run, get in touch with our team.

What industries do you cater for?

Splashup is not specific to one specific industry! We currently cater for the Apparel & Clothing, Furniture, Beauty industries. We are constantly working on improving and expanding our reach, just get in touch with our team and tell us more about you!

What will Splashup allow me to do?

Billions of advertising dollars by retailers, neglecting a large proportion of users that drop off between consideration and purchase all for a slim 3% chance of a conversion. Ultimately, poorly guided & untailored consumer shopping journeys are the leading cause of high bounce rates, low engagement, and low conversion rates.

How long does it take to set up my store?

Splashup typically only takes less than 2 days to set up your store.

However, the time to integrate depends on the level of customisation in app design, integrations and email design you require.

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